I am still learning how to use Diigo. But this is unbelievable stuff! When did it become available? I had no idea that this was available to everybody. So far, I learned the following features, and I liked them all: 1. To bookmark any page online and save them with Diigo. This is convenient if I like to take notes on pages, like active reading with a pencil on my book. I can log on any computer and my bookmarked pages are saved. 2. Sharing Links with sticky note and save in into a group folder. 3. Notating Web pages seems pretty cool: After I installed the Diigo toolbar, there were many yellow sticky notes! 4. Blog This seems a great way to link to a blog site. However, I am not sure how to link the page?!

Daily Blog Post? It is hard to follow the steps how to use it. Ok. I found a procedure to use it. Let see if I can follow.


  • Go to the Daily Blog Post page.
  • Select blog(s) from the blog list on the left (or start by entering “Add a blog”).
  • Click “Add a new job” to create a posting job – No codes insert needed!
  • You’re then given the choice of displaying your Annotations only, all, or just links.
  • With Diigo’s “transparent” web-annotation platform, your readers can click and view your annotated webpages with your public highlights/sticky notes even without any Diigo toolbar installed!

Well, maybe I can read this later again.


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