Social Networking As a Learning Tool? Cool! Not Yet!

I started research on social networking sites as a learning tool. I merely thought that FaceBook, Twitter, or maybe LinkIn…The point was that I didn’t think there are so many.

Danah Boyd’s view point was concentrated on youth culture and it slighted little off from my research focus…

Well, I am realizing how behind I was in terms of catching up the trend of new media. My legs seem like tearing apart if I try to catch up too fast. It is far ahead of me.

MY! I have to narrow down on my research question and the topic. Should I just limit on FaceBook since I do not have a lot of time on this? Or, should I just go ahead and expand to other social networking sites that are utilizing the concept? When I learn one thing and puts it down, I tend to immediately notice things that I have not caught up when I researched. What a dilemma to practice being a researcher!  Well, girl, you need a plan here anyhow. Have a bowl of pumpkin soup filled with cheese and red pepper powder, you will survive from this. Ok, let see how it goes in few hours…

And why oh why this theme doesn’t edit the RSS code from other sites?

Human Captial

Is Social Networking Human Capital? Or Learning?

Social Networking Sites

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