Sudden Realization about Social Networking

Well, duh, this is your blog, Jeong!!!

Yet you are not writing anything like blog postings. You post only things that are presentable to the world!

Well, a lot of things going around in my mind, and I decided to quit that kind of thinking as of…now.

There was a sudden realization about this whole social media thing.  Before these phenomena, I was really lonely, you know, as if I was doomed to be an academic. It seemed so lonely path as if nobody had taken it…The network of academia was so secluded and hidden from my world which always had been late to be an academic for some reasons.

Well, Walla! Thanks to FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and a lot more… I do not need to feel that way.

There is no need to feel to be isolation from other academics; keep reminding myself that there is a choice to make if I wanted to study; all by myself, alone in the dark. Nor do I need to feel fearful about the street smart having no literacy skills who have controlled the social network. No more. Did I tell you that I just made a biomedical engineering student from Stanford? No kidding! Who ever thought that I could do just like that? I was looking for some tips from Ph.D students to see whether Stanford had a good program I wanted to attend, and there she was, recommending me about the program. I sense that my gut feeling is really right. The beneficiaries of social networking sites are the smarts, brains, and academics. Because it is based on multi-literacies which they can do it better and faster  than others. Therefore, social power hegemony is reinforced through this phenomenon. However, what is different from the old technology, such as printing press, is that, if you invest your time on this other than capital, you can still overturn your humble status through this. Not many people could do that before this.

Over and over, I feel such joy about this social networking evolution. You know, this social networking sites are INCREDIBLE, period. In addition, you can simulate to be a farmer all day long making a pretty good money while you are organizing and expanding your farm. You can help friends to clean things, you can store items, and you can visit neighbors’ farms if you want to know how they are cultivating their crops.

Oh wait wait wait! Do not fall a sleep on that thought! You have to learn something from this. If not, you will be buried by the FarmVille Allure…You have to find something more tangible to help your real life, like solid research topic discussion on FaceBook, or how to get a better teaching job, for example.

No research topic was narrowed down today. I just searched so many lists of social networking sites, but not really useful articles yet. I will just keep look I guess. And laziness is gone to the wind…


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