Phi Kappa Phi

Today is a special day for me. There was an initial ceremony to become a lifelong member of Phi Kappa Phi at my school, CSUS-Turlock.

I am officially recognized as a distinctive student. I want to continue like this until I become a scholar

The guest speaker talked subject of her research, which as Greek woman’s clothing.

It was somehow monotonous as other academic research tends to be; what I noticed though was her persistence and confidence about her work. She did not care one bit about how others might think about her subject. I was impressed by that.

Another great at the ceremony was that I met Arali and her family. Her mom has come to the United States from El Salvador 27years ago. Her dad was American who seemed to be incredibly calm and patient. Arali had both personality from her mom and dad which seems to make her incredibly well rounded person at her age. I was somehow ashamed of my personality from looking at her personality; also I was somehow sad about myself at first affected by her deep-rooted happiness.

After such moments however, there was this incredible insight flowed into my being; I was positive that I could appreciate what others have without pitying me. I was able to detach myself from the emotional trigger from which I had been suffered from it quite a while. The unhealthy emotion was gone. Positively. Gone.




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